Training Tools for Street Fighter 5

Hit Box Viewer

View live hitboxes and hurtboxes in game.

Accurate units to analyze hit and hurt box sizes.

Now includes a Debug Mode to help with testing and troubleshooting.

Display live advantage data on the fly.

Tech to Speech - HEAR the advantages, great for blind users. [New!]

Customise hitbox visuals (i.e. line thickness / active only).

Center Point widget to help find center on non "Grid" maps.

Planned Features

Analyze player distances with a On Screen Display ruler.

Customise which hitboxes are active.

Installation Notes

  1. Download and install the SlimDX End User Runtimes (2.0 and 4.0 x64 bit)
  2. Download and install the latest FTV - Hit Box Viewer
  3. Run Steam as Administrator
  4. Run FTV Hit Box Viewer as Administrator
  5. Enjoy Street Fighter V Hitboxes

Director - Coming soon

Control the in-game camera.

Script the camera to follow characters and override cinematic.

Combo Trainer - Coming soon

Time your combos using audio cues.

Automatically play and tweak combos in training mode.