Frame Trapped v3.4.1 - Combo Trainer and Hit Box Viewer

A tool to study and train combos and view hit boxes

Download Frame Trapped 3.4.1

What is Frame Trapped?

Frame Trapped is a tool developed to be the successor to the SF4: Combo Trainer project.

Combining all the features from the original (now shiny and improved!) along with some powerful new tools to boot, Frame Trapped helps you confirm if a particular combo is actually possible by creating a time line of inputs to play back automatically.

Frame Trapped is currently in open beta.

Current Features

  • Combo Trainer: Time Line Playback

    Create, save and playback test time lines:- a list of moves that Frame Trapped will execute frame by frame in game for you to test if the combo will work.
  • Auto Reversal Trainer

    Customise a timeline to make P2 in Training Mode perform a customised reversal when they take damage. Knock your dummy player down and practice timing your safe jumps. Combine it with the combo trainer to find a frame perfect setup.
  • Game Embedding

    Don't want to test it full screen? Embed your game fully with in Frame Trapped so that you can test your moves in an isolated environment without needing to switch windows.
  • Input Shortcuts

    Select your favourite moves from the move list to drop in your time line. Easily compose combos and tweak them down to the exact frame timing you want to test.
  • View Hit Boxes In-game

    View hit, hurt, push, strike, projectile, proximity, throw and armor boxes for your characters attacks and models. All of this live, in-game and fully playable.

The Team

Since 20th January 2014 Tom "Xeolleth" Piddock built Frame Trapped up from an empty project to what it is today. However Tom is not alone in the project anymore.

Lullius, the original creator of the tech that can read Street Fighter 4's in game frame counter and details has joined the project as it is today. Without him this would not have gotten off the ground in the first place, so a huge personal thanks goes to him for inspiring Frame Trapped.

This project is the result of countless hours of work to bring together an ambitious idea. Since then we have engaged with the community and kept upgrading the application with various version improvements and features.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with Frame-Trapped? Don't forget this is in beta stages and very much a work in progress. There will be bugs that we do not know about so please let us know if you find any. Contact us at our twitter @FrameTrapped and we'll see if we can help you sort it out.

Donate to the FT Project

As you may have guessed, this is not our day job. Tom is a professional developer by day and this is a project done in the teams' free time. We created this for the love of gaming and the community behind it. Frame Trapped is currently free and in a closed beta, however we will happily accept any donations. They help keep this project funded and allow us to spend more time on making it better. So a big thank you to those who have helped!


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  • Ronald R.

Special Thanks!

A special mention of thanks goes out to Rushdown Edinburgh, a fantastic group of gamers who not only host tournaments but run fight nights throughout the year on Tuesday nights. They've helped out a lot with feedback and motivation during the Alpha stages so an extra special thank you to them. Go check out their Facebook page for more information and to join the discussion.

In Open Beta!